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College Football Searching For Elite Team at Halfway Point

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College Football has been built by powerhouse programs over the years, but now the landscape is shifting as the talent is being spread more evenly, allowing for the type of improbable upsets that have occurred this season.

Ohio State is the latest team to reach the top of the rankings and they are the most likely to stay there for a while if they can avoid the upset bug this weekend and defeat Michigan State.

South Florida rose all the way to number two in the BCS standings, but their tenure there will be short lived after they were beaten last night against Rutgers.

LSU has already been upset this year, but they still stayed at #4 in the BCS, and a win over Auburn this week could propel them to third, or even second if they can get enough points to jump Boston College.

So far this season, Oklahoma, USC, LSU, Florida, and Texas have all been ranked in the top five before losing and dropping in the standings.

The Gators and Trojans have dropped all the way out of the top ten after losing twice, and Florida is in danger of losing for the third consecutive time this week when they face Kentucky, who is coming off a stunning victory over LSU.

The season is only halfway complete, and already there has been enough upsets for a whole season, for teams that are looking for a championship run, those upsets must not repeat themselves anymore this year.

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