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Gamblers Are The Real Losers In Patriots Cheating Scandal

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As if it was not bad enough that gamblers around the country have the odds already against them when they place a wager, now they have to bet with the knowledge that the NFL game they are betting on may have one team who is cheating, which effectively destroys all betting strategy.

NFL gamblers first have to accurately convince themselves that what they believe is true about the team they are betting on is actually a worthy assumption, then they have the professionals at the sports books putting out betting lines to play against those assumptions. This leaves the gambler with little room for error.

Now gamblers are privileged to the information that a professional sports team, the New England Patriots, the same team that is in the middle of one of the more impressive dynasties of this generation, has cheated.

How many times the Patriots have cheated is unknown, but the fact that it happened at all, and that has been confirmed, makes people stop and think hard about their gambling habits.

The Super Bowl is the single biggest gambling day of the year. The Patriots under Bill Belichick have won three Super Bowls, with all three games being decided by a field goal.

So, in reality, if the Pats were cheating and stealing signs from any of their three opponents in those games, they could very well have also been cheating and stealing money out of gamblers pockets all over the world.

Consider the fact that football is the biggest sport to gamble on in the United States, then this Patriots scandal could have actually cost bettors more money than the referee scandal that rocked the NBA over the summer.

The Patriots will move on and so will the NFL, but hearts have to go out to all of the little people that the Patriots have stung in their cheating ways, mainly, the little people that may have lost some not so little amounts of money.…

Colts And Patriots

Colts And Patriots Are A Reflection of Brady And Manning

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There is no doubting the respect that Tom Brady and Peyton Manning command around the league, but the thing that separates them from most quarterbacks in the league is the respect they get from their own team.

The mark of a good quarterback is the idea that no matter what happens on the field at any given time, and no matter how bad things get, that they never give up and they never lose the attention of their teammates.

Although neither Brady nor Manning have to deal with things going wrong too often, there is one thing for certain, they have complete control over their teams, and that creates an overwhelming aura of confidence, displayed not only by them, but the people around them.

This weekends game will be made into something much bigger than it is, which is a mid season game between two of the best teams in the league.

While some are thinking the winner of this game has a chance to go undefeated and is a lock for the Super Bowl, neither assumption is true.

The NFL season is too long and allows for to much concentration for one team to play perfect football every week, and, the odds are high that the losing team in this game could defeat the winner in the playoffs.

So as game time approaches, it is best to watch this game for its true beauty, two teams that have gotten this far by taking on the perfectionist attitudes of their starting quarterbacks.…